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~ Activities at Mountaintop Escapes

To enjoy at Gumtree Heaven Spa Cabin or Billabong Spa Cabin...

Bird Watching 

A large variety of beautiful native birds will visit everyday BBQ Cook & Eat on the big outdoor deck or the inside Dining Area.


In the lounge and most bedrooms. DVD’s provided Games Board games.


Native Animals 

Wallabies, Kangaroos, Possums, Goannas just to name a few.




Pool & Billiards 

Play on your own private table at Gum Tree Heaven.



Just enjoy the peace.



Bring your own book or enjoy library provided.

Spa/Hot Tub 

Big, beautiful outdoor spas. Watch the stars or animals.


Star Gazing 

On top of MT George, from your own private balcony or spa, the stars are clearer & seem closer from the mountaintop.